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When the Dust Settles

Updated: Feb 6

“Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you received them, and you will have them.” Mark 11:24

Honestly, I love revival. It is one of my favorite things on earth. I love the excitement, the anticipation, the Word and the demonstration of the Word. I love church. I love being around church because this is what changed my life. But I have found in my walk, what do we do when the dust settles from the revival? What do I do after all the words and demonstrations and healings and the excitement and all this, what do I do the next day after revival? Maybe you know but I struggled with this and did for a long time. Maybe you gotten a direct word, maybe God spoke to you through the word, maybe God healed you, whatever it is here is what to do after revival. BELIEVE. Now, listen, don’t get mad at me. Its super simple but trust me, it will be the hardest thing you do. Even now, believing God will do what He said is hard even today. But in Mark it states that whatever is asked in prayer that if I believe it and receive it in my spirit first then I can manifest it in my life. If the affirmative is true, then the negative is true. What I believe even if it is against what God has spoken has to be true. Whatever I believe in my spirit is what I will manifest in my natural life. So, I say all this which I will go into tomorrow morning, to say this, stop agreeing with what the enemy is speaking to you. God will do what He said He will do. Don’t stop, believing!

Pastor Philip Kennedy

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