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First One of the Year

Updated: Feb 6

First one of the Year 01/11/2023

I wish sometimes that I was more consistent I my life with things I need/want in my life. For instance, this blog. I love writing but I feel off in October last year. I think my biggest problem in life is that when I tend to get down, everything gets put on back burner. It is not my lack of faith in what I believe God has for me or that I doubt my calling but for some reason I tend to back off because I will allow the voices in my head speak louder than the voice of God in my heart. I think that is why God laid on my heart this year to be “intentional”. The word means, done on purpose, deliberate. This is the year to do things on purpose. My tithes, my time, my reading, my prayer life, all these things I am going to be intentional with. No matter how I feel. No matter what is happening. I cannot let this year be a year that I let God and what I feel that He has called me to do be on the back burner. Our walks, our callings look differently but are activated the same way. Through my secret place with Jesus. Seek the best that God has for your life. I believe this is the year that if you will be intentional with your walk with God that you will see a difference in all areas of your life. Do not let what you see dictate what God is doing. This is the year of prepared tables. He is an intentional God!

Pastor Philip Kennedy

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