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What Weighs You Down

Updated: Feb 6

I think I talk about life so much is pretty much life for me has had its moments where it was absolutely great but also absolutely hard. You will hear more about this tomorrow during service. But I preach from my altar. And my altar has been in some rocky places. I have been homeless and lived either in my truck or couched hopped at friend’s house. For like over a year I didn’t have a permanent address or even a cell phone. I was a complete gypsy. I know what it takes to work from that to having what I have today. If you knew where I have been, you would understand why I speak of worship the way I do. I have gained everything and lost everything more than once in my life. True worship isn’t when everything is going right but can you lift your hands and worship Him when everything is not going your way. But I find out in life we pick up weights that wear us down. In Hebrews 12 the writer explains that we need to lay aside the weights and sin that easily weighs and snares us. And for us to truly worship the way we need to we first need to learn to let go of the weights. Basically saying, we carry worries, stress, bad relationships, our jobs, our spouses, our kids and whatever else you can think that you carry and you are not supposed to. The reason why its hard to worship is because of what weighs you down!

-Pastor Philip

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