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Logic vs. Presence

Updated: Feb 6

I know I keep using the phrase “my toxic trait” so bear with me as I say this again. My toxic trait is that I believe in the supernatural, but my brain tries to explain everything and if it can’t I try to reject it. Or I try to debunk what actually happened. It is super frustrating. It is a constant battle. To believe that God can and will do what we pray and believe for but when it happens, I then tend to believe that it will never happen again. My logic tells me that if it is outside of what I can personally achieve or if it doesn’t look like what is in my head then it is literally impossible for it to happen. In my fleshly nature, the supernatural is not possible because I can not do it. But when I learn that in those moments to get in His presence, I know it will change my outlook. I’ve said it so many times, the devil doesn’t take your faith, he stills your hope but in God’s presence I regain my hope. I regain my strength to keep believing. I know I can’t see it but Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 4:18 that I fix my eyes upon what is unseen because what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal. In moments that we feel like all is lost and we have no idea how it will happen, GET IN HIS PRESENCE! Logic says its impossible but His presence says nothing is impossible for God! Stay encouraged. Sunday is coming!

Pastor Philip Kennedy

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